Vag fault code 00075

Vag fault code 00075

Login Register. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. Date, time, mileage in km Expansion module door 2 Expansion module door 3 Engine Speed Expansion module door 4 Oil pressure Expansion module door 5 Reservoir pressure brake circuit 1 Reservoir pressure brake circuit 2 Brake pressure brake circuit 1 Brake pressure brake circuit 2 Accelerator pedal position Engaged gear Cooling water temperature Tank fill level Entry lighting door 1 On-board voltage Entry lighting door 2 Entry lighting door 3 Entry lighting door 4 Entry lighting door 5 Door closing warning device door 1 Door closing warning device door 2 Door closing warning device door 3 Door closing warning device door 4 Door closing warning device door 5 Ramp activation door 1 Ramp activation door 2 VCDS-Lite tells you how many fault codes have been found and displays each of them.

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The text is a description of the part and failure mode. This is followed by elaborators describing the condition of the fault. Be aware, this does not fix the problem that caused the fault!

DTC's should only be erased after correcting the condition s that caused them in the first place. In vehicles that do not support Freeze Frame, this button will be grayed-out. One component of Freeze Frame data is the Fault Priority number as described below:. Fault Frequency shows how many times, during all driving cycles, that the fault that caused the code has recurred. The Reset counter is a number that has been pre-assigned to each fault, with the number of problem-free driving cycles before the fault presumably clears itself.

Each time a driving cycle occurs, and the conditions sufficient to trigger the fault do NOT occur, then the reset counter should go down by one. So if you have a fault with a Reset Counter of 40, if the controller goes through a problem-free driving cycle then that number should go down to If your PC is not connected to a printer when this button is pressed, be sure to use Windows to set the printer to "Work Off-Line" first!

Once you have pressed the Copy Codes button, you may paste the results into the application of your choice, such as MS Word or Notepad. Shareware Limitation s :. Undefined by the manufacturer. The fault has a strong influence on drivability, immediate stop is required. The fault requires an immediate service appointment.

The fault doesn't require an immediate service appointment, but it should be corrected with the next service appointment. The fault recommends an action to be taken, otherwise drivability might be affected.

The fault has no influence on drivability. The fault has a long term influence on drivability. The fault has an influence on the comfort functions, but doesn't influence the cars drivability. General Note.Starter Relay, Circuit Low. Starter Relay, Circuit High. Generator Control, Circuit Malfunction. Generator Lamp, Control, Circuit. Fuel Cap Lamp, Control, Circuit. Power Steering Control, Circuit. Power Steering Control, Circuit Low.

Power Steering Control, Circuit High. Intake Air Heater Control Circuit. Speed Control Lamp Control, Circuit. Sensor B reference Voltage, Intermittent. Sensor B reference Voltage, Circuit Low. Sensor B reference Voltage, Circuit High.

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Injector Cylinder 9 NCircuit Malfunction. Injector Cylinder 10 NCircuit Malfunction.

Clearing VW Fault Codes / HVAC basic settings and output test

Injector Cylinder 11 NCircuit Malfunction. Injector Cylinder 12 NCircuit Malfunction.

Volkswagen Fault Codes

Bypass Flap filter valve Nshort circuit to ground. Bypass Flap filter valve Nopen circuit. Intake manifold runner bank 2, upper limit not reached. Intake manifold runner bank 2, lower limit not reached. Sensor for NOx Gsignal to slow. Fuel pressure regulator valve Nshort to ground. Fuel pressure regulator valve Nopen circuit.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 20 November - AM. Hi all, i scanned a 2. Any and all help is very much appreciated. For future referance for anyone searching the same fault code, was the coil pack had failed, new coil pack on and its all good, Thanks. Posted 23 November - PM. Posted 24 November - AM. Community Forum Software by IP. Menu Software by ProMenu. Exclusive uk-mkivs stickers now available from Syco Graphix.

Order yours today! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. Posted 20 November - AM Hi all, i scanned a 2. Posted 23 November - PM If you delete the faults do they come back the 2nd one is because the battery has been disconnected and the third one is similar the first one could be a genuine fault or someone could unpligged the sensor at some point delete them and see what comes back.

Posted 24 November - AM i deleted themall and they didnt come back but then it doesnt start to drive it, oh well i gave them the print out and they are going to take that to dealers.

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Our sponsors.A feature of all modern models of the Volkswagen concern is the lack of a self-diagnostic function on the instrument cluster and the display of error codes on the panel. To read the existing faults on the Volkswagen cars release afterthe diagnostic cord and the program installed on the computer or laptop are used. On many machines, for example, Golf 4 or Passat B5, a self-test of the systems was applied with information displayed in German or English on the instrument cluster screen.

For the first time such a function was installed on the 4th generation Golf cars in No manipulation is required to read the error codes. When the engine starts, it polls all the systems and control units of the vehicle. If a malfunction is detected, information about it is displayed in text format on the screen and is complemented by a flashing or lit indicator.

In this case, the signal may be yellow or red high level of importance color. Messages of high importance are complemented by a triple beep, the rest - once. For example, if the oil level drops, an inscription will appear and the oiler icon will flash. If you are unable to remove the error yourself topping up the oil, coolant or windshield fluid or filling the tankyou should carry out computer diagnostics of the car, which will allow you to accurately determine the cause of the fault.

vag fault code 00075

On earlier machines before releaseerrors can be read by a tester and a light bulb, which flashes the fault code in flashes. In addition, there are lots of highly specialized programs for reading and adjusting data in separate electronic blocks of machines. For example, in the instrument cluster or transmission control unit. On Volkswagen cars of various years of release, various fuel injection systems were installed, so the type and location of the diagnostic connector can vary.

The 80s Golf and Jetta cars with Bosch Mono-Jetronic fuel injection system have a single-pin diagnostic connector installed next to the ignition coil.

The pin is red-white or yellow. On a similar machine system Passat, this wire has a yellow-black insulation. Since Aprilthe Passat B3 has been equipped with a two-pin connector located under the cover below the climate control unit. On later machines, the connector began to be placed at the feet of the driver or passenger sitting in front. To read the VW error codes on machines with a single, double, or triple connector, you must:.Not logged in [ Login - Register ].

Power Tools at MachineMart. Printable Version Subscribe Add to Favourites. RoW vehicles see: TPI for details. If you were closer I would do a proper VAG-COM scan on it, that tends to narrow it down a lot more as you can monitor actual sensor parameters and exclude things like sensors.

No idea! You can tell when it's about to go because about 20 seconds before there is a very slight flat spot, you press the accelerator and it's in limp home again.

It's not consistent though, yesterday I was struggling to get it to do it and mechanic number 3 also struggled - today getting it to do it is easy. Sick of it to be honest now I just want it fixed - it's put me off owning VAG diesels forever tbh. As to the question regarding a decent VAG diesel mechanic in the NW - Andy at Prestige Auto Repairs in Warrington a German car specialist Indy diagnosed and fixed in half a day what 3 other recommended garages hadn't been able to even diagnose correctly.

So if you're in the area and having similar problems he might be worth a tryTDI s : '14 Golf 6-spd, '12 Passat gasser:. Does anyone know what the DTC is? The vag says it's an unknown error. Thanks for your help. I'm sweating bullets until I can clear it. BTW, I tried to clear it but it stays. I haven't run the car yet. And stumped a dealer or two. If you are among the ranks, I'd check the connections on the Epsolonian device.

Find More Posts by dzcad You are correct in that it does not give a description of the error. A few months ago I had a different error but was able to clear it with my vag-com.

vag fault code 00075

But thanks for your responses! Maybe it'll clear upon a few startups. BTW, I recoded my instrument cluster per MIGolf's info and now I have the clock in the 24 hour mode and no more annoying chime when the key is in the ignition. I haven't figured out why it would chime in the first place--you cannot lock your keys in the car.

Well yes you can--you would have to arm the car with the door open and then throw the keys on the seat before you closed the door.

vag fault code 00075

Where do I find the instructions to reprogram clock to 24 hrs? Couldn't find in search. See this thread and this other thread with more info.

Be sure to cycle the clock through the hours or it may not look like anything changed. That is, if you do this at PM and it looks like nothing changed, use the button to advance the hours to While going back and repairing a bunch of loose ends the past few days, my ride also triped this code and a trace ended up with a couple bad connections on the black 5 MAF wire.

Besides shorts or open circuits on the MAF wire, I suggest checking the Epsilonian wires, vacuum lines, and ensure the two insulated diodes are not touching or somehow shorting against each other. Either of these three items will trip this code. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten. VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You. User Name.


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